Webinar: Student Loans to Fill the Gap

Fall tuition bills are due soon, and sometimes scholarships, grants, and federal loans aren't enough to cover the costs. If your family needs help determining if a private student loan could be the right solution for you, be sure to attend our upcoming webinar: "Student Loans to Fill the Gap."

During this free session, our College Access Counselor will explore these topics:

  • Understand the Gap – Fixed and Flexible School Costs
  • Types of Loans – Federal and Private
  • Choosing a Private Student Loan Lender
  • Application Process and Timeline  

Wednesday, July 24
1:00 or 7:00pm


Webinar Series

If you've missed any of our past webinars, be sure to check out our library of recordings on topics including filing your FAFSA, finding scholarships, refinancing student loans, and more. 




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